Once upon a time there were some colleagues who became very good friends and realised that they were pretty good at what they were doing. So they joined forces to make the service center world a little better.

In hard-fought table soccer fights and after one or the other after-work drink, new IT heroes were able to claim their place in this select group, so that now more than 20 smart minds are working together to solve the most difficult customer mysteries.

  • Would you like to be a part of this converneo story?

  • Would you like to work in a modern working environment in the city center of Leipzig?

  • Are you looking for colleagues with whom you would maybe also like to spend your free time and look forward to the daily kicker oder table tennis matches?

  • Do you want to work with new technologies and deal with challenging topics?

  • You know the best local bakery in the city center so that we have fresh bread for our weekly breakfast?

Then we should at least get to know each other to see what exciting tasks could be waiting for you here!

Talents wanted and opportunities

If you like to solve tricky tasks and work in a solution-oriented manner, you've come to the right place.

What counts for us are not so much the hard skills as the interest in new technologies and the joy of getting to know new fields.

We have enough to do so that you can focus on the areas that interest you and match your skills.

So if there is no suitable position open at the moment, just get in touch with us anyway. We are always looking for new colleagues!